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Administered over one million times world-wide each year, the Rorschach is used to assess personality and mental illness across a wide range: child custody disputes, employment and termination proceedings, parole determinations, and investigations of child abuse.

The twentieth century’s most powerful visual symbols:

Rorschach_blots all 10_1 ROW 1-5.png
Rorschach_blots all 10_1 ROW 6-10.png

Uniquely revealing windows on the ways we understand our world.

The test's enormous power shapes the lives of hundreds of thousands of people -- often without their knowledge.


The question remains: Is the Rorschach more than a modern variant on tea leaf reading? Can it act as a portal into the human psyche?

The Inkblots: Portals to the Psyche, a new documentary film, explores the little known history of Hermann Rorschach’s inkblots and addresses the dominant psychological, economic and political forces that underpin their enduring and controversial presence and power in American culture.

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